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On the road again, goin’ places that I’ve never been“-Willie Nelson

It isn’t often I find myself quoting the country singer-songwriter, but since that is exactly what is about to happen, it seemed appropriate.  On May 1st, Mom and I shall be hitting the open road once again.  While last summer’s jaunt across the US was fast and furious, this time, we’ll be spending one to two weeks (at least) in each locale, soaking up the atmosphere and personality of the places we’re staying.  Using primarily Airbnbs, we’re hoping to be able to really get to know the places and the people of these areas.  Pictures and posts will be forthcoming.  I’ve decided to set up this site so that we’re not inundating everyone’s Facebook feed.  You can take you’re time enjoying the posts and pictures at your leisure.  Hope you enjoy.

I can’t wait to get on the road again”


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