And so it begins

Despite all the drivers in Florida (especially within the Orlando I-4 construction traffic zone mayhem), Mom and I have successfully made it to St. Augustine, FL, without any major mishaps.  I won’t claim a continued sanity.  I think I lost my last grip on it somewhere between the Quebec driver who thought his Hummer was a compact car and jet plane combo and the 20 mile an hour driver in the fast lane who only sped up when you tried to pass.  Oy.


The weather here couldn’t be more perfect.  Breezy, sunny with clouds to take down the temperature, causing the palm trees to dance in the wind.  If our first AirBnB is anything to go by, this trip will be wonderful.  Yes, we had to climb an actual set of stairs (gasp!), dragging bags and suitcases and a laundry basket or two containing linens or food. I haven’t had the energy to go through them yet, so some pillowcases might be sitting in the fridge for all I can imagine.  I’ll get there in a minute.


Mom is lying on the couch, gasping for breath, mumbling things like “Orlando water sucks!”, “Construction traffic sucks!” and “St. Augustine beach is gorgeous!”  Rainbows and unicorns abound around Mom.


Since we got here early, we opted to stop for lunch at a nearby restaurant called “Red Frogs and McToad’s Grub n’ Pub”.  Good prices, good food and large portions, combined with the relaxed atmosphere and personable server, Maria, gave us our needed relax time before check-in.  We even came home with enough leftovers for dinner!  Yum!


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