St. Augustine-Day 2

So after chores (i.e. grocery shopping), Mom and I decided to tackle the hill up the gate that lead to the beach.  It was worth the climb.




The sign below was a bit intimidating, but we soldiered on.



It was a beautiful day to walk on the beach after a dreary, overcast morning.


We both brought our water bottles, because you have to keep hydrated, but Mom didn’t fool me.  That was vodka in her bottle.


Instead of picking up shells and whatnots on the beach, we opted to stay with a more eco-friendly beach comb and picked them up with the camera.


The water was a perfect temperature, the beach was almost empty and the sound of the waves was relaxing.  Even the scurrying sand pipers seemed relaxed.

As we climbed back towards our AirBnB, we took a moment to stop and smell the flowers, though we didn’t go on the dunes because of the aforementioned rattlesnakes.


We really hope you enjoyed our schtick!



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