St. Augustine Day 4-Fountain of Youth

The weather forecast called for rain this afternoon, so as good Floridians who know that this could mean absolutely nothing or a deluge unseen since Biblical times, we opted to spend our morning chasing our youth. After getting off the Trolley and heading into the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, we were greeted by one of the staff strutting his stuff.


Mom insisted we head directly to the Fountain, where she proceeded to try to get her hands on multiple little cups of water.

Then I proceeded to stalk peacocks.  Here they are.

After chasing the pretty birds, we went down by the water to view the actual archaeological site and watch the cannon being fired.  On our way to the waterfront, I stopped to take an artsy flower shot.


When we made it to the water, we watched the demonstration and found out how the sailors got from the big ships into St. Augustine.  They had chalupas! No, not the Taco Bell kind.


On the way out, my tree-hugging, hippie Mom insisted I get a picture of this tree. Here it is.


Afterwards, we looked at the sky and decided to head on back.  There’s still time and plenty of St. Augustine still to see.  Tomorrow, I might get brave enough to post pictures of Mom at the distillery.  Mwahahaha.


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