St. Augustine-Day 5

Day 4 was a housekeeping day.  Doing all those fun things like laundry, dishes and recharging of personal batteries.

So, for Day 5, we opted to go see the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum.  The weather was just right.  Sunshine with some clouds, combining with the wind to keep temperatures in the low 70’s.  Ahhhh…


Built in the late 1870’s, the St. Augustine Lighthouse is the oldest brick structure in St. Augustine and replaced the old Spanish built lighthouse, which fell in 1880, due to being constructed in the water on sand.


Because of the intensive upkeep required for the lighthouse, three families manned the position and lived in one building, as seen above.  How do we know this?  Meet Bev, head docent of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum.


Bev was a veritable fount of knowledge about the lighthouse.  There is an admission fee for the lighthouse, but the behind the scenes tour was free (my favorite kind of tour) and full of information about the life of the lighthouse and the archaeological aspect of the museum.  Using the original types of tools the light keepers would have used back in the 1800’s, volunteers are crafting hand made boats out of cypress.


And using college interns and volunteers, they are excavating several shipwrecks right off the coast of St. Augustine.  She explained the complicated restoration process they have to go through with any chunk of concretion (the blobs that are created when iron is submerged in salt water and makes them into a magnet for everything else around it that solidifies).


The tour was informative and really gave us a fuller sense of the history of this area.  We’re filling out the story that is St. Augustine.


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