St. Augustine-Day 8

Today, as promised, Mom and I headed towards town to play with alligators.  The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park was a delightful surprise.  The weather was beautiful again and there were no crowds.


Mom decided to act like bait.

The very first display you come to is the albino alligators from Louisiana.


For the most part, the displays are of reptiles, but there are other animals also.  IMG_1264

This beauty was a flash of color in a rather green and gray area.  His neighbor wasn’t what one would call speedy.


Yeah, I’ll admit, I wasn’t to afraid he’d move too fast for me to catch him on the camera.  Soon enough you come to the rookery, an estuary set up for native Florida shore birds, like spoonbills, egrets and herons.  The noise was unbelievable, but so was the surrounding river.  Definitely not planning on taking a dip in these water.

The trees, their roots and just about everything in between were covered in nests.

Back to the reptiles, there was an area for snakes as well.  IMG_1316

Soon after leaving the snake exhibit, we found ourselves looking at the facility’s main attraction, Maximo.  You should say hello to his little friend, too.


There was another exhibit that showed some crafts made from alligators and about them.  Mom has found her next project.




Whoops, sorry.  Got distracted.  Thankfully, I was back on track before we entered the komodo dragon exhibit.


Think he looks happy to see me?  Or is he imagining me as lunch?


Do you think the dangerous animal sign is referring to the snake or Mom?


It’s obvious that the people who work here enjoy their jobs and care about the animals in their keeping.  I would definitely recommend if you’re ever in St. Augustine, check out the Alligator Farm.



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