Where we’re staying and where we’re going

So this weekend, Mom and I are getting everything repacked to hit the road for our next stop.  But we thought y’all might be interested to see where we’ve been staying.  This AirBnB in St. Augustine is in the Quail Hollow subdivision on SR-A1A.  The unit is on the 2nd floor.


There’s a little walkway from your parallel parking spot (which I haven’t had to do since college).


It is a 2 bedroom/2 bath with cozy dining room, living room and full kitchen. It had everything we needed, except a pizza cutter.

The location is perfect.  Close enough to main St. Augustine without being in the middle of the rush.  We had some wonderful meals at Red Frog and Mr. McToad, The Oasis, Hurricanes Bar and Grill, and Viola’s Pizza and Seafood.  The incline to reach the beach helped work off some of those calories.


Our next stop is Beaufort, SC; followed by Waynesville (near Asheville), NC; then Boone, NC; Union, WV; Adena, OH; Conneaut, OH; then into Canada, with a couple nights in Niagara Falls on the Canada side, and a week in Innisfil, Ontario. After that, we will figure a way back home for my doctor’s appointment. Gotta stay healthy on the road.  Probably won’t post tomorrow, but we’ll let y’all know when we get to Beaufort!


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