Beaufort-Slow Ride

So as mentioned yesterday, Mom and I made our way downtown to hop aboard the Sea Island Carriage Company’s tour of historic Beaufort. While waiting, Mom opted to do a little swinging.


I decided to check out our ride.  Nice to know they keep up with their detailing.


Meet Angus, a 7 year old Shire horse, originally from Tennessee.


He’s a recent addition to the team, which is probably why our tour guide, Jake (who does not work for State Farm or wear khakis), kept calling him Chief.


As told by Jake, Beaufort (pronounced Beau-(as in beautiful)-fort) was not sacked during the Civil War because it was abandoned before the Union came ashore.  Thus, having a large number of Antebellum homes still standing.


There are also examples of Victorian style homes, such as the one above, painted pastel colors.

One thing not painted a pretty pastel was the arsenal, which looked more like a castle.


As with many places in the South, a beautiful garden, dappled with shade and spread out beneath the moss laden trees, lay behind locked gates and garden walls.


Live oaks, which were often used for shipbuilding and other lumber projects, spread out their limbs in Beaufort.  The ones’ whose limbs touch the ground before arching back up are known as Angel oaks.  Here are a few examples.

Then Jake told the story of the two teenaged boys who decided to smoke a couple cigars in a hay barn and ended up burning down 42 homes in the late 19th century, early 20th.  One of the remnants of that fire are these stairs that go nowhere.


The tour was almost an hour long, dropping us off back at the marina, right around lunch time.  More than once, we had recommendations for Plum’s on the waterfront.  So, curious, we headed down the street to see what the big deal was about.  We were able to sit outside on their back porch and enjoyed a delightful Southern sweet tea as we waited for our lunch.

Mom had a low country reuben, with turkey, coleslaw and homemade pimento cheese, which she said was delicious.  I paid no attention to her meal, since I was busy destroying my own bowl of low country boil. There is a before picture, but no after, due to the graphic nature of the mess I made.


After that, we needed to walk off our meal, so we strolled back down the waterfront to where we parked our car and saw a sign for a water tour of Beaufort.  We went inside and signed up to take the tour tomorrow afternoon.  We’ll let y’all know how that goes.


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