Adventures in AirBnBing

Adventuring requires flexibility.

I know yesterday I said that today we’d be taking a boat tour of Beaufort, but that has been moved to tomorrow because we have to wait for a plumber.  Why are we waiting on a plumber while adventuring?  Sit back and let me tell you a tale.

When we first got into our home away from home here in Beaufort, we were less than thrilled, as it wasn’t quite what was advertised.  But, it’s an adventure, so we decided that even though it wasn’t as good as the last one, we could stick it out for a week.  Then, we started noticing that every time we flushed the toilet, burbling could be heard from the bathtub.  Air in the lines, we figured. Nothing to worry about. Then yesterday morning, we noticed the water didn’t seem to be going down very fast in the toilet when flushed.  After our adventures yesterday, we stopped and picked up a plunger (since the place didn’t have one of it’s own).

I went in and used the plunger as I was taught by my Dad growing up.  I noticed that every time I pressed down on it, there was a corresponding burble from the bathtub.  Suddenly, there was a pervading smell that I’m sure you can imagine without me spelling it out.  I looked in the tub and there it was.  Mom described it as several circles of Hell.

So, I contacted the AirBnB host to inform him of what was going on.  He called a plumber who came out to see if he could figure out what was wrong.  Come to find out, when the place was built, the original plumber built it incorrectly and this new plumber was going to have to rebuild what the original plumber put in.  And it would have to be done Thursday, since he was actually in the middle of a job when the owner called him.

Well, we can’t go without a toilet.  Just not going to happen.  So last night, Mom and I packed up our go bags and some of our add-ons (i.e. my electronics) and stayed in a hotel in town last night. The Best Western Sea Island Inn, right across from the marina we were at yesterday.  It came with a hefty price tag, but, it was walking distance to downtown, were we had yet another wonderful meal, this time at Common Grounds Coffeehouse.  Happily, we each got a shower in, since there is no way we’re getting in that shower in the cottage after what I saw yesterday until major improvements have been made.

That leaves us back in the cottage, waiting on the plumber to fix the line, so that we can finish out our stay in Beaufort.  Ah, adventure.

Oh, and be thankful there are no pictures this time.  Trust me, you don’t want to see them.


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