When the *bleep* hits the fan

When we left you yesterday, we were waiting for the plumber to show up to fix the waste water problem.  For some reason, unsurprisingly, he didn’t show.  So this morning, we decided we couldn’t stay in a place where we couldn’t even take a shower.  We had sent an email through AirBnB to the owner to let them know that we could not stay in the cottage in the state it was in.  Per the instructions taped to the door, we stripped the bedding and placed everything in the washer and turned it on.

A few minutes later, we heard the dreaded gurgling, this time coming from the kitchen sink.  Yes, that’s right, the sewage backed up into the sink.  And then…it came pouring out of the washer.  We quickly turned off the washer and started packing up everything.  While stuffing everything away, I got on the phone and called AirBnB customer resolutions department and spoke with Dara.

I explained everything we had been through and the lack of communication from the owner.  She asked me to email her pictures and would work on getting everything straightened out.  I did as asked and within an hour, while we were already on the road, she had gotten the reservation cancelled and the refund for our last 3 nights and a partial for Wednesday and Thursday night processed.  I can’t say enough good things about the Customer Resolution team with AirBnB.  I feel comfortable with continuing on our adventure using their associated properties.

Mom has always wanted to see my cousin Ben’s barbeque restaurant in Raleigh, NC.  Ole Time Barbeque was started by my uncle (Mom’s brother-in-law) 24 years ago, but we’ve never been able to work it in.  So, with 3 days to go until our next AirBnB stop, we headed towards North Carolina.  We didn’t tell him we were coming because we wanted it to be a surprise, even though we knew there was a chance we might miss him at the restaurant. And that is what originally happened.

Upon arrival, we were told he had already left for the day, so we ordered some barbeque and started to chow down.  But what should happen?  My cousin and his daughter came back to the restaurant for some food before heading home.  Boy, was he surprised! So while the morning started off (pardon the pun) crappy, it ended on a happy note.


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