From Raleigh to Waynesville

We packed up Red Rover and headed over to breakfast at my cousin’s restaurant before hitting the road.  This time, I remembered the camera.


Oh, alright, Mom reminded me to go out and get it.  Here she is with the proud chef/owner.


From there, we hit I-40 and pointed Red Rover towards the mountains.  Now remember, this car has only see beaches and flat terrain.  It was completely unaware of real hills until today, when it went up and down the foothills of the Blue Ridge and Great Smokey Mountains.  If it had a tongue, it would be hanging out.  But the drive was definitely worth it.

George and Brenda’s guest apartment is lovely and filled with several of her art pieces.  And the view can’t be beat.



We have a lovely sitting area out front, with a number of whimsical art pieces to enjoy.

When we headed out back, the neighbors ran up to greet us.

Thank goodness we were prepared.


Tomorrow we’ll go investigate the Waynesville/Ashville area.


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