Cave Zen

As mentioned yesterday, today Mom and I headed into Asheville to try out their Salt Cave.  Since we had no idea where we were going and were likely to get lost, we gave ourselves almost 2 hours to get there.  Luckily, there was only one wrong turn and we made it with time to spare.  So, we went looking for lunch.

Walking down Biltmore Avenue, we stumbled into a wonderful restaurant named Chestnut.  It was obvious we got there just in time because a few minutes after we were seated, the place filled up.  I had the slider special and Mom had the grown up grilled cheese.  The lavender lemonade was good as well.  Thumbs up on both items.

Once finished with our meal, we headed back down the street to the Asheville Salt Cave.  It is in a small strip of shops, including a barber shop and a music shop.

IMG_1639Once you walk in, you are met with calming music and multiple blocks of rock salt lit up.  There are cups to make your own cup of custom blend tea and benches to relax before your session.  Before you go in, you have to take off your shoes and wear either your own white socks or some blue booties and all electronics are locked up.  Finally, you go back into a room that has been coated in rock salt.  Its on the walls, hanging in nets from the ceiling and ground up on the ground.  You can either chose to lie on it on a blanket with pillows or sit in a zero-gravity chair.


As you might have guessed, we opted for the chairs.  I got the one with a mind of its own.  I tried for a slight recline and ended up laying down.  Mom was perfectly comfy in her’s with her lap blanket, going zen almost immediately.  They keep the humidity at around 60-65%, which for us Florida gals was relatively low.  Peaceful music was piped in with running water trickling down the special waterfall features in the room.  The room, we were told, was set up this way to act like a nebulizer.


I will admit I was able to breathe a little better when we got out and didn’t feel the need to yell at the other drivers on the road.  A vast improvement.  Mom says her fingers and toes felt less achey.  Even if you’re not into metaphysical things, I’d still recommend a visit, if only for 45 minutes of peace.


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