A Comedy Tour

There are many different types of tours and so far on this trip, we’ve done trolley, carriage and ghost tours.  So, today, we did something a little different.  In Asheville, there’s a company called. LaZoom Tours.  They have several different types of tours, but we opted for the comedy tour of Asheville on the big purple bus.


Along with a driver we had our main tour guide/performer, Rhonda Corner, a recent transplant from Italy.  Rhonda was personable and entertaining, taking everything in stride, including the appearance of a 2 month old baby, though everything states this tour is for people 13 and up.  Luckily, the baby wasn’t able to understand a thing our guide said, since it did skate into mildly inappropriate at times.  Along with Rhonda, we were joined several times by another actor, who played a couple different characters.  First was Sister Ravioli, followed by the Bee and finishing with Beer Man.  Each will be explained as best as I can.

Because of the building of the Biltmore estate, over 200 architects were brought in to the Asheville area for its construction.  The architects liked the area so much, many of them built homes, leaving every house different from the one next to it.

Now, at different times, Asheville has been known as a den of sin (thus the visit from Sister Ravioli), having the most breweries (bringing us Beer Man) and being a very bee friendly city.  The bee decided he needed to go pollinate, to keep all the flowers blooming.  He hoped off the bus and ran across the street to do his bee dance for the flower waiting for him.  Luckily, no video tapping was allowed or we’d all be mentally scarred from the love dance he performed.


Art is also very prominent in the area, as seen by the number of murals, sculptures and 3-D friezes on the buildings and surrounding streets.

This was a very entertaining tour, though light on the actual history and heavy on the tongue-in-cheek.  You can’t pick your tour mates, but since this group was ready to have a good time, it really made the difference between a potentially cheesy tour or a good natured romp through the city.  I would definitely recommend this for an adults only group.


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