Riding the Blue Ridge Parkway

After hitting up the grocery store for some weekend necessities, Mom and I decided to hit the road to travel the last part of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Mom and Dad had done most of it 20+ years ago on their motorcycles, but stopped just short of this part.  So, with the sun shining (a miracle to be sure) and temperatures down in the upper 60’s, we rolled the windows down and headed towards the mountains.


The road was winding and the hamsters living in our engine were working overtime as we headed up and around.  The first overlook was stunning.  But, as we found when we got back into the car, there was a hitchhiker.  Mom shrieked and ripped off her shoe to beat to death the bee that had been on her pant leg.  This required another pull off so that I could dispose of the carcass.

We hit the parkway again, pulling over again to look at the waterfalls running off the mountains.

Finally, we made it towards the end of the southern tail of the Parkway.  There is the Waterpass Overlook, which has a small NPS store and stunning views of the North Carolina horizon.

There was a path to climb up to the overlook, but my knees said no.


Because this is a holiday weekend, we haven’t made any plans for the next two days, so anything is possible.


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