From One Mountain to Another

This morning, we bid a fond adieu to Waynesville and our beautiful mountain apartment.  Instead of riding the highway, Mom wanted to do the Blue Ridge Parkway up to Boone.  After spending an hour fighting with the GPS man, we turned him off until we got within sight of Boone.  It was a twisty, turny, loop-de-looping trip, with cloudy skies and occasional burst of blue sky.  Mom kept count of the tunnels we went through until we hit the 20s, then she just said ‘Screw it’ and enjoyed the trip.

Once we got to Boone, we found ourselves facing a trip up the side of a mountain.  Well, that’s what it feels like.  It’s probably a 45 degree angle up and our little hamsters in Red Rover tried and tried, but we just couldn’t get it all the way up the drive.

As you can see, it was also raining, so it was a loosing battle.  After parking on the incline to get things into the cabin, I moved the car back down to the bottom of the drive, out of the way of traffic.  Poor Red Rover looks so sad.


Once we finally caught our breathe, we were able to fully enjoy our surroundings.  It definitely has a feeling of a cabin, but with modern features.


The living room is set up around a flat screen tv over an electric fireplace.  There’s DVDs and Netflix along with cable available, for cold nights in the mountains when crocheting.  We each have our own bedrooms and bathrooms (woohoo!)

A nice sitting porch off the side makes for a perfect place for coffee in the morning before heading out for our adventures.  But now, we must recover from our mountain climbing and settle into this week’s temporary home.


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