Grandfather Mountain

Today, since the sun was shining, we opted to summit Grandfather Mountain.  Now, I’ll be honest and admit that heights and I are not friends, but I tend to do okay when there’s a camera in front of my face.  So we got the hamsters revved up to push up the mountain.


There are constant winds up on the top, which is approximately a mile above sea level.


No, we didn’t go out on the bridge.  I know it would make for a dramatic picture, but there isn’t enough money to get me out there.  But here’s a similar view from the solid ground at the top.


Across the parking lot were trails you could climb.

It is amazing that even a mile up, life finds a way.

After Mom unclenched my fingers from the railing, we made our way back to the car, where we headed down to the museum and the animal habitats at the halfway point down the mountain.


Animals that can’t live in the wild can find a permanent home, but if they can be rehabilitated, they’re released back into the wild.  This gentleman was stunning and very good at standing still for a picture.

Their main animals are their black bears.  They have been breeding them, then releasing the cubs when they’re old enough into the wild.  This is Carolina.


And here is a bare…um, bear butt.


It really is a lovely trip from Boone and I would definitely recommend it.  We’re hoping to hit the caverns tomorrow.  Let’s see how we recover from mountain climbing.


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