Dead Men Tell No Plot Twists

Instead of climbing mountains or panning for gems, we opted to use the gift card my sister-in-law, Brittni, got me for Christmas to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean.  We once again descended from the mountainside down some twisty turns and ended up in a more populated area of Boone.

We got our tickets and our snacks; a couple drinks and a bucket of popcorn which we shared.  When did snacks start costing more than the tickets?  Sheesh, next you’ll find me waving sticks at kids and telling them to get off my lawn.  If I had a lawn.  Or a stick.

Two thumbs up.  It held our attention to end.  Tomorrow, though, we’re planning once again to attempt a trip to the Linville Caverns to  head underground.  Wish us luck!


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