The Ranch at Elmwood Estate

This morning, we packed up Red Rover and headed out for Union, WV and our next AirBnB.  The drive was fine, except for the time the GPS sent us up a one lane gravel ‘road’ over a mountain, but since I’m here to talk about it, it was an “adventure”.  You could almost hear the banjos.

Happily, we made it to Union, a tiny but thriving town that looks to be straight out of the 50’s.  After the only 4 way stop in the county and a sharp s curve later, we pulled into the 900 foot drive of Elmwood Estate, a historic house, former known as the Hugh Caperton house.  The owners are converting the main house into a bed and breakfast and event location.  We’re staying across the driveway in the ranch house on property.

And is it gorgeous!  There is over 2000 square feet of wonderful.  Three bedrooms, two baths (one with a claw foot tub that Mom has claimed) and plenty of views.

There’s a large kitchen, tv room, and the living room’s nearly floor to ceiling windows look out upon the mountains and fields.  Who am I kidding?  Every window has a magnificent view.

Our hosts, Chris and Anita, went above and beyond upon our arrival.  There were staples already in the cupboards and fridge, gave us a tour of the ranch house and offered to sit down with us to give us ideas of where to go in the area.  They even offered cuttings from their garden.


There are lots of bird feeders and bird houses, horses and cows roaming the fields nearby, and even groundhogs snuffling around.


As you can see, it’s very peaceful here.  Shhhh, she’s sleeping.


Whoops, she woke up!

Possibly tomorrow, we’re going to check out The Lost World Caverns in Lewisburg and maybe some grocery shopping.  But, who knows what tomorrow will bring?


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