Country Roads, Take Me Home

Yesterday, as we recovered from our caving and train riding, our hosts, Chris and Anita, sat down with us to plan out 3 routes we could drive in the area that would let us take in covered bridges, old mills and locally made items.

We set out this morning with a map and our instructions and headed north from Union.  The roads twisted in and out of valley and hills, with both new home and old homesteads dotting the verdant fields before following the Greenbrier River for a bit before heading back towards Union.

This lead to our second route.  Our original destination was Sweet Springs, which is where another historic home is located, but we got distracted by cheese and more.  No, really, the name of the store is Cheese and More.  And to add insult to injury, there was a bakery right across the road.  Once we got back into the car, the smell of our treasures was too profound to ignore, so we turned back around and headed back to Union to indulge in some lunch.  Cheesey, sugary, gluteny lunch.  Ahhhhh.

Once sated, we waddled back to the car to follow itinerary number 3.  Our first stop was the Indian Creek Covered bridge.  It has been converted to a footbridge, with benches inside.

Where’s Mom, you say?  Can you find her?


Then we hopped back into Red Rover and headed out to find the Old Mill.  We found ourselves back on a one lane, twisty turny, wrapped around the side of a mountain road, though this one was at least paved.  Mom only screamed once when we played share the road with a Fedex truck.  I’m so proud of her.

Eventually, we arrived in Greenville, home of the The Old Mill.  While it is private property, the owners allow people to have picnics and take pictures on the property.

The log cabin isn’t open for visitors, but it is still picturesque, along with the rest of the property.

We made it back to our AirBnB and perhaps one of us may have had some more of our goodies (it was cheese, so you can guess who it was…hehehe).


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