The Good Zoo

This morning, we decided to check out The Good Zoo, part of the Oglebay Resort, in Wheeling, WV, only 17 miles away from our AirBnB in Adena.  The zoo opened in 1977, in the memory of the youngest child of the Goods, a local family.


It was one of the first ‘natural’ zoos, meaning it kept the landscape closer to nature instead of concrete enclosures.  And you can’t beat the price.  At only $9.95 per adult and children are only $5.95, with 2 and under being free.  A nice, inexpensive treat for the family.  Plus, if you’re looking for a work out, this is also a beautiful place to get your steps in.  We did over 5,000 steps and logged in 7 flights with all the up and downhills through the zoo.

In the main building, they have several enclosures set up, along with a room dedicated to model trains.  We opted to focus more on the animals.


We were intrigued by this little guy.  In Florida, you don’t see them moving.


These are ringtailed lemurs.  We enjoyed their antics.


A chameleon.  Not sure why they went with the red light, which makes me want to call him Roxanne.  Ha! Bet you thought I was going to go with a Karma Chameleon joke!


Once outside, we opted to go clock wise and ended up in the barnyard exhibit.  This little heifer looked like she was just waking up.  I could have stayed and taken more pictures, but it was time to mooove on.


After the barnyard, you get to the wetland area.  This swan agressively swam our way to give us a once over.


A pretty waterfall in the wetland exhibit.


Um, he’s still following us.


I called these guys Larry, Moe and Curly.


A couple of cranes.  And yes, when we looked over, the swan was still following us, so we decided to move on down the lane to the cheetah enclosure.

She really was stunning and closer than you would normally be able to get in the wilds of Africa.  Obviously, she has a pacing track around her enclosure.  As she moved, you could almost see her trying to work out a plan.  What she was planning, who knows?  Though, a blue jay kept flying low in her area.  Maybe she was just thinking about lunch.


Next up was their Lorikeet landing, next to the Australian Outback.  In Lorikeet landing, you can buy food to feed the animals in the gift shop.  Next door was the double gated Kangaroo enclosure.  We found out they like to try and open the doors to escape.  That’s why there’s always an employee stationed there to let you in and out, to make sure they don’t try to follow us out.

The weather was close to a Florida day, with humidity in the 80’s, so these guys opted to just lay around, working on their tans.


Our final stop was the otter enclosure.  They weren’t in the water, but rolling around against the rocks and branches in their enclosure.  This guy took offense to my photography.  He looks like that guy who yells at kids to get off his lawn.

All in all, it was a nice morning.  We got in plenty of steps and got to see some beautiful animals.  Wait, what’s that behind us?



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