Clear As Glass

Today, Mom and I went back over to the Oglebay Resort, this time to check out their glass museum.  Glass has been a large part of the area since the 1800’s.  The museum shows pieces made in Wheeling and surrounding areas that were made between 1820 and 1939.


The exhibit starts off with some information on the basic ingredients required for glass making and some of the old tools that were used.


The colors all depend on the chemicals and minerals used along with the basic elements.  Then it is up to the glass artist to decide what designs they want in the glass, the shapes and any other decorations.


They can even make them iridescent or look like they’re made of stone.

What we felt was the best part of the museum was watching Mr. Allen, one of their on-site craftspersons, make a glass ornament.  It was so hot in the area, but he handled it like a pro.  Why, it reminded me of Florida.  It was amazing watching him turn a scorching blob of glass into a delicate work of art.

It was a fun and informative museum, though I don’t know if I would suggest taking little ones with you, unless you can keep all hands and feet away from the displays at all times.

Tomorrow, we’ll give you a look at The Lodge at Pleasant Grove, our AirBnB.


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