The Lodge at Pleasant Grove

This week, we’ve been staying in The Lodge at Pleasant Grove through AirBnB.  The building used to be a gift shop for the garden center that was formerly in this location.  It is now a car dealership run by the owners of The Lodge and the gift shop was converted into a guesthouse.  It is over 3000 square feet.  Downstairs is the living room with TV and couches as well as a counter and a couple tables with chairs for dining or using as computer space.  A covered porch runs around the front and one side of the building.

The car is parked right in front of the doors, making it easy to get stuff in and out.  There’s a half bath on the first floor that still has the restroom sign from when this was a business.  There is even a little nook with a couple rocking chairs.


Upstairs is where the bedrooms and the full bath are.


There is one full bedroom and two created bedrooms.  Partitions separate the second and third bedroom.  There is also a couch (for us to catch our breathes after going up and down a few dozen times) and an air hockey/ping pong table upstairs as well.

The laundry room sits between the main bedroom and the bathroom.  Lots of open space, both upstairs and down.


Many a conversation occurred over this railing.

“Where did you put the scissors?”

“What?  Oh, they’re down here.”

Our FitBits loved us this week.  Tomorrow, we pack up again and head to Conneaut, OH, on the banks of Lake Erie. It’s such a Great lake.


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