Over the River

Taking advantage of a beautiful summer day in Ohio, we set out to find a few of the many covered bridges in Ashtabula County.  We started off with Harpersfield Covered Bridge

Originally built in 1868, the steel portion of the bridge was added in 1913 when a flood caused the river to adjust course.  The area surrounding this bridge is a public park with areas to fish or just relax by the water.  A small spillway helps keep some of the debris from the river from catching up on the bridge, but as you can see, it only keeps out so much.  There is also a walkway that was added in1992.

We hopped back into the car and followed the map to the next bridge, the Mechanicsville Covered Bridge.  No real parking was available for this bridge, so we did a quick set of shots.  This bridge is considered to be the oldest bridge in Ashtabula County and the longest single span.  It also is part of the Barn Quilt Trail.

As we pointed the car back towards our AirBnB, there was one more covered bridge in our path, the Doyle Road Bridge.

The best part about the bridges are they are free.  A nice, inexpensive way to see the area.  There are 16 other covered  bridges in the area, but many are down gravel roads and poor Red Rover needs a break from them.  We might check more out later, but there is still plenty to do in this corner of Ohio and our week has barely begun.


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