Conneaut Visitor’s Lodge

This week we are staying at Conneaut Visitor’s Lodge in Conneaut (pronounced con-ee-aught), Ohio.  Located on State street, the Visitor’s Lodge is perfectly located kitty-corner from a gas station and right next door to a CVS.  Many times we’ve had issues locating a gas station where we’ve been and having one right there is wonderful.  It is also only about a mile from Lake Erie itself and conveniently close to OH-7, which leads right to I-90.

The house is over 100 years old (going by our research on, having been built in 1910.  It is two stories with an additional basement that I have opted not to explore due to having read one too many Stephen King novels as a preteen.


Along with a kitchen and living room on the first floor, there is also a dining room, with a table that could easily hold 8.  The microwave is also located in here due to space constraints in the kitchen.

From the front door, you have the hall leading into the kitchen or the stairs heading up to the bedrooms and bathroom.


Can you find Mom?


Upstairs are 3 bedrooms.  Each room has a bed and either a futon couch or a cot.  This house could easily hold 8, if not more.  There is also a full bathroom upstairs.  We’re certainly getting our flights of stairs for Fitbit.


Our shoes (just a small assortment of Mom’s moccasins) sit by the front door.


There’s a nice patio right off the back door and a basketball hoop for us to practice our jump shots and alley-oops.  Not showing in the picture is a barbecue grill and the back yard.  A rain is blowing through today, giving Red Rover a nice rinse.  Hopefully it gets some of the bugs we’ve collected on our travels off.

Rain, rain, go away.  Come back after we’ve hit the road to Canada.


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