The Thrill of the (travel) hunt

While flexibility is one of the key components required for living this roaming lifestyle, one of the biggest thrills comes from the planning.  With our trusty road atlas in hand, Mom and I both settle in to search for our next destination.

With a bit of help from Bing in judging distances between places, we find a couple options and search both AirBnB and, keeping in mind any place that could earn us stuff.  I’ve joined multiple hotel chains’ rewards clubs, several gas clubs and a couple different grocery store chains to find the best deals.

With this in mind, we’re going to be staying in fancy casinos, tiny houses, dude ranches, boat houses, and Old West style cabins.  We’ll ride on trains and stay near beaches.  We’ll watch the sun set over farms.  We’ll hear the thunder of the falls and the quiet of the mountains. Also, we’ll dig for diamonds, watch a rootin-tootin’ Wild West show, ride a horse, and might even find ourselves on a corner in Winslow, AZ.

And yet with every reservation we make, we know that there is a good possibility we’ll have to change our plans. (Thank goodness for free cancellations).  We weren’t supposed to see my cousin on this trip and yet, because of a…ahem…sh*##y situation, we ended up enjoying both his restaurant and time with him and his family.  Weather happens and since there has yet to be invented an app that allows you to control the weather, we’ve adjusted.  Some days, there’s plenty of things to do and others, nothing.  Thank goodness for E-books.

So now, as we pack up to head back out tomorrow, we keep our eyes on the road before us, while looking for interesting turn offs.  Because you never know…


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