The Power and the Fury

At 6:30 this morning, the power went out in the neighborhood we’re staying in.  Thankfully, this isn’t Florida in the summer, so when the power came back on an hour later, we had already gone back to bed because it wasn’t going to get too hot. Point for Canada.

Once we got back up, we headed out to tackle the fury of Niagara and get an inside look.  This was done with two of the attractions at the Table Rock center in Niagara.  We started our day with the 4-D movie “Niagara’s Fury”.  The set up is similar to the Soarin’ ride at the Disney parks, except you’re not on a hang glider, but standing over a grate with water rushing underneath you.  You’re given a poncho to wear, since there is a good chance you’ll get wet.  Well, unless you’re Mom height.  The poncho covered her from head to moccasins.  I had a bit of leg and shoe dampness to work with after we got out.  The pre-show movie is cute and the wet and wild 360 degree movie is great.

Next, we traded one poncho for another one and headed down to Journey Under the Falls.


You climb down a couple flights of stairs to get checked in and poncho up again.  Then, you are put into an elevator with several other new friends (because you get up close and personal with them) and go down to the base of the Horseshoe Falls.  The water is blown back deep into the tunnels cut under the cliff.

Facing away from the falls, you can see the Rainbow Bridge, one of the main bridges used to cross from the US into Canada from New York.


Can a picture get any more Canadian?  You’ve got Canadian geese, by the Canadian Falls, while one of the Canadian tour boats shows off this natural wonder.


After viewing the falls from the side, we went under, into the tunnels cut into the cliff.  Above is the view from the middle of the falls.  The power of the water made talking almost impossible.

Ready to dry out, we headed back up, turning in yet another drenched poncho, and went up to the Elements on the Falls Restaurant.


I didn’t get a picture of our food because I was too busy eating.  The food was great and the signs celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday (which is officially July 1st) are picture perfect.  Tomorrow, there are a few things more for us to tackle to get everything in before we head back into the USA.


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