Butterflies and Aero Cars

On our last full day in Niagara Falls, Mom and I decided to do a couple of the attractions not right next to the Falls.  So, using our handy dandy WEGO (the public transportation bus that travels mainly to the attractions up and down the Parkway and used mostly by tourists), we hopped on the bus and headed north to the Butterfly Conservatory.  We had prepurchased the Adventure Pass, through the Niagara Parks organization.  The pass gives us access to the big attractions in Niagara Falls and the ability to schedule some of the attractions.

Prior to entering the butterfly enclosure, you can watch a video that tells about how they get their butterflies, how they determine which plants to use in the enclosure, and other information regarding the care for these beautiful insects.  Then, you’re free to wander.

Butterflies, I have found, don’t want to sit still to have their picture taken, for the most part.  There was one who opted to take a rest on Mom’s shoulder.  If he was trying to sneak out, he chose the wrong shirt to try and camouflage himself against.


After we made sure there weren’t any other stowaways, we hopped back on the bus to take the Whirlpool Aero Car.  Built in 1916, these cars are suspended over the whirlpool basin, the only point where you can connect from Canada to Canada because the river makes a 90 degree bend.  You hang suspended over the river at 200 feet in the air and cross the border into the US and back out in a matter of minutes.

Normally, doing something like this would be a big old NOPE for me, but being behind the camera helped.  Then again, so did the scenery.  The water is just rushing by beneath you to swirl around the basin and then bustles back off down the river.  The depth of the water in this part of the river is about 200 feet and a chilly 60 degrees in the summer.

Now its time for us to pack back up and head back into the States tomorrow.  We’ve had a lovely time in Canada and will definitely visit again at some time during our trip.


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