Back in the USA

Yesterday, we packed up Red Rover once again and pointed him towards the US.  There was a sad little drizzle as we made our way to the border crossing, as though Canada didn’t want to see us go, but we had plans.  Pulling up to the border crossing, we waited for our turn to go through.

For some reason, when talking to these people, I put on what Mom calls my ‘customer service personality’.  I become all smiles and high energy, which is not normally par for course for me.  Perhaps it is nerves, though I didn’t have anything to be nervous about.  Whatever it was, it got us through in what I considered a quick time.  So onward to Pennsylvania!

There is no direct route from Buffalo, NY to the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania, so we had a long haul ahead of us.  The weather didn’t help in any way.  Between gusty winds and blinding rain as we went up and over hills and mountains and down into valleys, it was a nerve-wearing ride.

We had to stop once for gas and found ourselves looking at the back of a horse and carriage at the 7-11.  There was a woman (who looked what is stereotypical Amish) in the carriage, waiting for the man, who was picking up some pizza.  They might not use electricity, but this pair obviously didn’t mind those that do.

Then we were back on the road.  I admit, I prefer the areas away from any major city because you don’t have major traffic delays.  We ran into a couple slow downs right outside of Lancaster, which may have been construction related.  But we got through before there was any major whining, by me, in the car.  Mom tends to be more laid back about such situations.

Finally, we were within reach of our AirBnB.  The closer we got, we noticed the paved area outside of the road got wider and wider.  Bigger than any bike lane I had ever seen.  As we waited at a light, the answer for the unasked question of the lane size came clip clopping down the road towards us.  The area we are in is right in the Pennsylvania Dutch center.  The roads here have tire marks and flattened horse dung.  You see kids in suspenders riding on the back of horse-driven carts, looking happy as can be.  You also see some of the staples of modern life.  Wal-Marts and big gas stations and fast food restaurants.  But they’re balanced out with road side vegetable stands and shops advertising carriage makers.

It is a bit of a jolt to look out our back window and see cows and lightning bugs.  We went from the center of a bustling metropolis to semi-rural pastures.  There’s no TV in this AirBnB, so we’ll have to pass the time reading relaxing.  So tough! Ahhhh…


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