Attempted Death by Chocolate

In my research into the areas where we’ve planned to head, I also check on Groupon, to see if there are any special things that might be out of the ordinary.  For this area, I had found one that was admission for two and chocolate flight taste testing at the Hershey Story and Museum for only $25.  That’s pretty reasonable, when one flight of six shots of chocolate is normally $10.  So this morning, Mom and I eagerly hopped into Red Rover and headed out for the town based around chocolate.


I was happily surprised to find that Hershey looks, for the most part, just like a regular town.  Sure, the Kisses shaped streetlights sort of give away the town theme, but its not a real-life version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.  Though, an Oompa-Loompa or two might have been cool.

After redeeming our Groupon and getting our hands stamped, we headed over to the chocolate tasting room to start our day with some sweetness.

Six different shots of drinking chocolate from around the world were presented to each of us.  They suggest you start with the darkest chocolate, at 77% cacao, and work your way up to milk chocolate, a light 33%.  There are descriptions of what you’re supposed to taste, but all I tasted was chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  The first few were hard to get down in one shot, but by the time you hit the Hershey’s milk chocolate, it went down just fine.

While I just enjoyed the taste of the different chocolates, for some reason, they hit Mom like her shots had a hint of something alcoholic.  She was buzzing.  So off to check out the museum, to see how chocolate was made.

One of the exhibits has you ‘try out’ some of the jobs to see if you could get hired back in the day.  The checking to see if the beans were finished roasting seemed to be my favorite, but I’ll admit I didn’t try rolling the chocolate bathtub since the lady in front of us couldn’t get it to move.  And we couldn’t help thinking about the classic ‘I Love Lucy’ episode with the chocolate conveyor belt when looking at the Kisses making machine and the picture above.

We continued on and saw the molds used to make the iconic Hershey bar and some of the final wrappers used.  While we were hired, I got a job that paid ten cents for every 5 pound box of wrapped Kisses I packed while Mom got an hourly wage of nine cents to knock the chocolate out of the molds.  We decided we’d stick with traveling and blogging.


Mom wanted to take this chandelier home.  I had to convince her that it wouldn’t fit in Rover.


Eventually we found ourselves in the store and couldn’t help but pick up a happy reminder or two.  I think, though, that they won’t make it too far down the road.


This is Mom, still wired on chocolate after we got back to our AirBnB.  We’re still slowly coming back down.  Perhaps tomorrow’s adventure won’t be quite as sweet, but it will still be interesting.


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