Pennsylvania Dutch Country AirBnB

For the past 5 days, we’ve been staying in a lovely home situated in an area that’s part rural Pennsylvanian Dutch farms and suburban middle class houses.


The neighbors are either hidden by hedges or pastureland.  Wide open spaces out the back picture window allow for some spectacular natural views.

Inside, the house is split in two.  There are two bedrooms, one on each side, and two bathrooms.  A spacious living room melds with the dining area and kitchen.  Plenty of seating is available.  There is no TV or radio in the house, but the views make up for it and allows for another level of relaxation.

It is also fun when the neighbors stop by.

Beyond the fence of the big back yard, there is a crystal clear creek that winds between the farmland behind and the slightly suburban area in front.  The children in the surrounding farms have been known to play in the creek, perhaps swinging from a rope hanging out over the creek from the big tree.  At night, you can go out and watch the fireflies and listen to nature.

All in all, a lovely, peaceful place to unwind.  Tomorrow, we pack up again, spending one night on the road before checking in to our new AirBnB in Kentucky.


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