Thoroughbred Park

Kentucky is known for its bourbon and a certain fried chicken chain, but its also known for its horse racing.  While the Kentucky Derby is held in Louisville, Lexington has its own thoroughbreds and they don’t speed by.


We once again hopped in Red Rover, whom we gassed up with the best priced gas we had seen since Canada ($1.95 a gallon-woot woot!), and drove down the road to Lexington.  It took us into downtown, which we were happy to find was a very nice downtown.  We’ve been through some that left us leery, but Lexington’s is very nice.

There were multiple placards of individuals involved in raising horses and racing them throughout the small public park.

But what’s a park called Thoroughbred Park without some statues of horses?

Here’s Mom with a horse just her speed.  This is Lexington and his story.  Farther down, we found ourselves with a different view.

Then I worked my way out of the main pack, headed for a photo finish.


But wait!  Where’s Mom?


Mom put on a burst of speed and managed to pass all the horses to win the Roses!  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

Eventually, we finished winding our way through the park, pausing to watch a horse family gambol through a field while a little one rested nearby.

Several people were sitting on benches throughout the park, enjoying their lunches.  All in all, Thoroughbred park is a delightful oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of an urban area.


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