Rollin’ On The River

As I mentioned yesterday, the Shaker Village also had a river boat cruise you could take.  For adults, it was only an additional $10 per person for anyone over 13 and $5 for kids.  It is an hour tour up and back and departs from a dock a little over a mile from the actual village down a twisty turny one lane paved (thank goodness) road on the side of a hill.  Thankfully, they space out the tours so its less likely to meet another car going the other way.


In the area next to the dock where the paddle boat docks is the remainder of a house foundation that dates back to 1864.  Not sure what the big concrete mound is, though Mom thinks it was a giant coffee cup.

Continuing around the bend, you come to the boat launch area.  The Dixie Bell is the two level paddle boat they use to take you up and down the Kentucky River.  This used to be the main way people traveled up and down the river.  It was a beautiful day and the breeze coming off the river helped keep everything cool.

As we started off, we went under a train bridge.


It was neat watching the train go over the bridge while we started sailing towards it.

Mom had to clutch on to my shirt to make sure I didn’t go overboard trying to get a shot right up under the bridge.  Thank goodness I wore a good shirt and not one that was on its last legs or I’d have been in trouble.

As we sailed down the river, you could see the cliffs, created by the erosion that happens when water meets rock.  And the erosion continues every time the Kentucky floods.

You could also see how the plant life along the river adjusted to meet the challenges that come up when the land you’re planted into isn’t always stable.

But even with the environment being a challenge, it was also full of beauty, something we noted Kentucky is full of.

There were beverages available for purchase on the boat, though they were mostly limited to bottled water or soft drinks.  But since it was a warm day in summer, that’s not such a bad thing.  All in all, a beautiful ride along the river for an hour with the sights and sounds that accompany such a location.  Definitely think this would be a great trip for adults and children alike.


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