Our (Temporary) Kentucky Home

This week’s AirBnB is in Nicholasville, Kentucky, just down the road from Lexington, the second largest city in Kentucky. The area is mostly suburban, but drive in any direction for more than a few minutes and you’ll see farmland.  This house is in a subdivision just off Main Street.  A two story house with garage and back yard, this is definitely a family home, which our host, Don, told us was indeed the case.  While he and his wife travel half the year, they AirBnB the family homestead to travelers like myself and Mom.

The living area is nice and roomy, with plenty of seating.  Large TV with a ROKU system is available, though no cable.  Still, they had the primary channels and that’s really all we need.

The ceiling over the living area goes all the way up to the roof, giving it an airy feeling.  Downstairs is one bedroom and a bathroom, along with the kitchen and washer/dryer area.


Upstairs is the master bedroom with it’s own bathroom and a second office/bedroom with a single bed.  Mom took the downstairs and I tackled the upstairs.

Close to shopping, food and all the major traffic roadways, this clean and comfortable house was more than perfect for our stay in Kentucky.  I would definitely recommend it for a family.  There’s even a treadmill and exercise bike for those who feel inclined to work out.  Tomorrow starts out a full week without an AirBnB.  We’re on our way to Branson, with a overnight stop in St. Louis.  Here’s to some good, old fashion, wholesome fun!


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