Branson Jet Boat

While scrolling through her Facebook feed the other day, Mom got a pop up suggestion of Branson Jet Boat Tours.  We watched the video and debated whether it was doable, but in the end, it looked like too much fun to ignore.  Add in that they allow people of all ages to ride, it seemed safe enough.  So we booked a ride and headed over to Branson Landing to give it a whirl.


Mom before we headed out for our adventure.

Today, Summer was in full fling.  The temperature was in the low 90’s and the humidity made us feel right as home, as it felt like a typical Florida day.  I made sure my hat was nice and tight on my head, while Mom did up a quick braid in the car over.  We got there early and walked around the outdoor mall for a bit, stopping for some ice cream at Kilwin’s to beat the heat.  Then, when it was about 10 minutes to boarding, we headed towards our ride.

There was padding on the seat and the back, though if you have a really bad back, I’d warn you away from the ride.  I have some back issues and made sure I had a lidocaine patch on before we left, just in case.  Though, by the end of the ride, it fell off.  But back to the ride.  It is strongly suggested to leave any sort of electronic locked up in their storage locker before heading out because you will get wet.

Our boat load included a baby probably not even 2 years old and several older individuals.  Mom and I ended up in the middle of the 3rd row.  I’m just glad we weren’t in the front or on the sides, as they ended up getting even wetter than we did.  The captain doled out facts about the area and the lake, including a little nugget about the fact that Lake Taneycomo’s averages between 48 and 52 degrees year round.  Though no one complained, since it was in the 90’s and the spray of water felt really good.  There were several 360 degree spins and sudden stops.  Thankfully, the captain warns you before he does it with a hollered “Hold on” before whipping the boat around, giving you time to brace yourself, or, if you are like me and wear a hat while riding, time to tip your brim down to save some of your face from the lake water.  Mostly, it only saved my glasses, but that’s something.

We spent an hour out on the water, pausing every so often for some historical fact before blasting off for another boat trick.  It seemed too short of a time before we were pulling back into the dock and disembarking.  While my hat kept my hair mostly in place, Mom was another story.


So, if you’re in Branson and want to spend some time on the water and like getting wet, I definitely recommend this excursion.  Now, I have a date with some dry clothes and Mom is bonding with her hair brush.


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