The Titanic in Branson

Yep, that’s right, I said the Titanic in Branson.  At one end of the strip, there is a large ship sticking out amongst the other attractions on Branson’s Main Street.  I had found a Groupon and this morning called to get a ‘reservation’ for us.


There is no photography allowed inside, so this was the only picture I could get.  When you get up to the line, you’re handed a biography on one of either a passenger or crew member who was actually on the Titanic.  This is reminiscent of the time I went to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. when I was in college.  You’re given a large device that looks like a universal remote control and informed that at different stations around the exhibit, if you punch in the corresponding numbers and hit play, more information will be given.  After the second time doing this and barely being able to hear, I gave up.

It was interesting to see some of the things recovered from the Titanic and how the rooms differed between third class and first class, but they need to work on people flow and presentations because if there was a ‘crew member’ giving a discussion, people flooded the area and don’t spread out so that those who weren’t planning on listening to the presenter were stuck.  Perhaps if we had gone on a day when there was less of a crowd and were able to actually take our time without feeling rushed, it would have been better.  On a lighter note, the passengers Mom and I got were mother and daughter (and survived).  They also had the last name Gibson!  What a coincidence!  We had a nice laugh about that.

Upon leaving the ill-fated voyage, we cruised back down W 76 and had to stop for lunch at a restaurant with a giant chicken out front. I mean, wouldn’t you?


The Great American Chicken and Steak restaurant drew us in with this outrageous display.  And we were more than happy with our meal.  The music inside was eclectic, swinging from Kenny Chesney to reggae to Mambo #5 and then to some bossa nova.  We ordered according to the name of the restaurant.  Mom got the chicken sandwich and I opted for steak.  I have found, as we’ve been traveling, that steak can be hit or miss.  I’ve had my share of dry cardboard and some melt in your mouth delights.  Lucky for me, today was a delight.  They actually have you cut into the steak to make sure it is cooked to the doneness you want.  I had a side of corn and mac & cheese.  The corn was good, but the mac & cheese wasn’t my favorite.  Mom got her chicken sandwich with a side of green beans, which she was delighted to find were cooked with onions and bacon.  We both finished our meals completely.

We both enjoyed our meal and the servers (and lady who was in charge of all the fun stuff) were great.  If we’re ever back in Branson, we’ll make a point of eating here again.  I would recommend it for a fun lunch or dinner if you’re coming into town.


Tonight, we have tickets to the Dick Clark American Bandstand Legends in Concert.  And tomorrow, we head to Arkansas to find our fortune in diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park.


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