Legends Never Die

Last night, Mom and I made our way across the street to the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand theater to catch their 8 p.m. stage show, Legends in Concert.  The theater lobby is large and airy, though we had to go all the way around the building to find it.  IMG_3332

We got checked in and found out we were in the second row, right in the center.  Cool!  Unfortunately, even with those good seats, my pictures didn’t come out from inside the theater.

Marilyn is only present in the opening video montage.  All the impersonators were men at this show.  They did have female back up vocalists and dancers, though.


After getting a couple drinks to keep our whistles wet, we got settled.  Not bad seats, huh?

Finally, the show started with a couple of men who portrayed Brooks and Dunn.  They were pretty close and the lead singer sounded very similar to Ronnie Dunn.  They were followed by a young man who portrayed Bruno Mars.  The music was great and so was his dancing, but he had a few problems with a couple notes.  Still, not bad enough to ruin our fun.  He was followed by the Blues Brothers.  The one playing Dan Ackroyd had the right moves and sounds, but didn’t have the right size.  The John Belushi impersonator was pretty much spot on.

Intermission came next, giving us a chance to stretch our legs.

When they came back, it was to showcase their featured performers, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.  While the Michael performer had most of the dance moves down, he isn’t comfortable with the songs.  There was quite a bit of covering up his mouth with his hat when he didn’t know the words. Elvis was decent, really playing up his role, using the Elvis in Las Vegas persona.

Still, we had a great time, greatly enjoying the music and the atmosphere.  I would recommend this for a fun evening.


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