Looking for Diamonds

Yesterday, we drove from Branson, MO to Murfreesboro, AR, in a search for diamonds.  Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas is the only location in the US where you might be able to find diamonds right on the ground.  This place had been on my Dad’s bucket list, but unfortunately, he was never able to get here.  So, here we are, in the middle of summer, looking for diamonds.

For our own fun, we found Diamonds Old West Hotel/Cabins .  We’re always on the look out for something new and different and finding ourselves sleeping in a stable would definitely rank up there with different.  Okay, so perhaps there isn’t any hay or horses here in our stable.

These stables wouldn’t be able to handle your horses, unless they’ve been trained to sleep in queen beds and use the restroom.  And yes, there is a bathroom in the room, thank goodness.  Along with a flat screen tv, couch, fridge, microwave and coffee maker, the a/c is a wonderful respite to high 90’s that are currently happening here in Arkansas.

Along with the Stables, there’s also an upstairs Livery, and other buildings including the Bank, the Church and Sheriff’s Office.  At night, they light up the TeePee’s and have campfires and roast smores.

So, this morning, we loaded up with iced bottles of water, cooling cloths, and camera and drove the 5 miles down the road to the Crater of Diamonds State Park.  Even at 9 a.m., it was already knocking on the door of 90 degrees.  But, this was something Dad had always wanted to do, so with that in mind, we headed in and rented the basic diamond hunting kit (shovel, 5 gallon bucket, and 2 sieves) and headed into the crater.

After getting several shovelfuls of dirt into our bucket, we headed over to the water troughs to find our diamonds.  First things first, do not wear good clothing to do this.  You will get wet and you will get dirty.  Second thing, you will get dirty.  Yeah, I know I said that under the first thing, but it needed to be reiterated.

Mom would fill the top sieve (the one with bigger holes) and I’d take the pair of them over to the water, which they had just changed that morning, and swish and swirl in the hopes of finding a diamond.  Alas, in the hour we were able to stick it out in that heat (on our way back to our hotel, a bank sign said the temperature was 103), we didn’t find a single diamond.  Perhaps if we were there in a cooler time of year, we might have made it longer.

It is a place you should really see if you’re ever in this part of Arkansas.  Once in a while, someone does find a diamond worth quite a bit of money, but it wasn’t us today.  If we’re ever back in this part of Arkansas during cooler weather, we may try again.

On a side note, Mom decided to channel the love child of Pippi Longstockings and Elton John for this outing.


I think all this traveling is getting to her.  The heat might be addling her brain.  Then again, she’s always been my tree-hugging hippie Mom.  Who else names their kid after an exit ramp.

Speaking of which, tomorrow, we hit the road and aim towards Shiloh.  The battlefield, not the exit ramp.


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