The best laid plans…

We pulled in our AirBnB in Gulfport, MS and began hauling all our stuff in after turning the 3 a/c window units to full blast. We had to start with the a/c units first because it 84 degrees in the house. After an hour, it was still 84. Too hot for us. We contacted our host and let them know that we couldn’t handle the heat. They were wonderful about it and offered us a full refund, which we gladly accepted.  We scrambled to find some place else to stay, since it is summer and it is a beach.

Luckily, I used my multiple apps on my phone and found us 2 nights at Harrah’s Gulf Coast. So we didn’t have to sleep in Red Rover last night. Which would have been a bit of a crunch,  since we’re still packed to the gills.  And this morning,  I put my app skills to the test again and managed to find us a place in Fort Walton beach for the rest of our week. 

So the next time you hear from us, we’ll be back in Florida for a while before we head back out on the open road. As we always say, gotta stay flexible when traveling. 


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