Marina Bay Resort

For the next 5 nights, Mom and I will be staying at Marina Bay Resort in Fort Walton Beach, FL.  Because it is still summer and this is a beach town in Florida, we were happy to find availability when the AirBnB in Gulfport, MS didn’t work out.  Having lived in Florida for the past 14 years, I know that before Labor  day, finding something anywhere near a beach is like finding a buried treasure.


While not directly on the beach, it is on an inlet and very close to beaches and other vacation towns, like Destin and Pensacola.  This resort is set up for rentals and timeshare units.  Check in was pretty easy and with check in we got two bottles of water, a neat cup and Pirouline cookies.  The unit itself has a queen bed and a sleeper sofa as well as a kitchenette.  Just the right size for two intrepid travelers like Mom and myself.

This morning, after hitting Publix (oh how we missed you!) grocery store, we set out to see the sights of the resort.  It’s easy to tell we’re back in Florida with this landscaping.

There is also lots of availability for sitting outside and enjoying the weather.

Just past the hot tub and pool, we descended some stair and found ourselves by the marina.  The water was a bit choppy, but that didn’t stop the watersports enthusiasts.

Or, if you prefer more indoor pursuits, they have a game room as well.


Tomorrow, we plan to head out and see some of the other sights available in the nearby area.  It is good to be back in Florida, seeing the parts we didn’t see when living here, but it will be good to get back out on the road as well.


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