Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

Today, we decided to check out Fort Walton Beach’s Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park, an aquarium setting right by the beach.  The prices weren’t terrible, being $21.95 for adults, $20.95 for seniors and anyone between the ages of 3 and 12 were only $13.95.  The main draw for the Gulfarium is their dolphins.  There are 4 males, ranging in age from 5 years old to 21.  The show can be viewed from stadium seating above or from viewing portals below.  We opted for an under the sea view.

The show discussed what it takes to train dolphins and showed off some of their tricks.  The trainers seemed very in tune with the dolphins and there was a bond between them.

But the Gulfarium isn’t just about dolphins.  There are quite a few other denizens of the shallows and deep that are on display as well.


I never would have thought to use a fish as a hat.


I noticed the other fish quickly got out of his way.


Dads stick together.


A harbor seal, out for casual swim.


His shell had a large lump to it.  He seemed drawn to voices and kept near where the people were.


Okay, those who know me are likely aware of my fear of stingrays, stemming from an incident during our first Caribbean cruise when I was about 12.  But, for our readers, I got close enough to take a picture of several varieties.  Alright, I’ll admit that when it looked like they were all headed my way, I might have made a quick getaway.

There were lots of exhibits and plenty to do for an afternoon.  There’s even a snack bar to get lunch if you so desire.  The exit is through the gift shop, but that’s what we’ve come to expect.

As the highlight of our visit, they had macaws out that you could pet and have your picture taken with.  Since I’m the one who knows how to use the camera (*cough cough*), Mom bravely stepped forward to see the pretty birds.


That was the last we saw of Mom before the birds carried her away.


Just kidding.


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