Indian Temple Mound

While the sun was shining, we decided to head just down the street from our hotel to the Indian Temple Mound and Museum here in the heart of Downtown Fort Walton Beach.


Built by the Pensacola people around 805 AD, the mound was named a National Historic Site in 1964.  Even after all these centuries, it still stand 12 feet high and 223 feet around at the base.  The price of admission for the mound, the museum and the historical buildings surrounding it was only $5 per person.

After paying your admission, you go into the museum, which is laid out chronologically, starting with prehistoric time to the settling of Fort Walton by the Europeans.


Perhaps the original angry bird?


Not a neck piece that an arachnophobe would wear.  But look at the intricate design.


The craftsmanship is amazing.


Human effigies.  Hmm, anyone else think the one on the left was done by a disgruntled son-in-law?




Proof you always need to carry water when in Florida.  No matter what century you’re in.

Once we finished with the museum, we went outside and climbed the stairs to the top of the Temple Mound.

We made our way back down the stairs and went to see the other historical buildings next to the Mound.

It was amazing to see so much history in one place that is surrounded by commercial buildings on all sides.  A definite must see in Fort Walton Beach, for people of all ages.  There are some hand’s on exhibits for children and more in-depth history of the settling of the area for adults.


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