Rainy Day Drivers

Yesterday, during our drive from Fort Walton Beach to Dunnellon, FL, we ended up in quite a bit of rain.  At some points it was merely a scattering of raindrops, but at other times, it was almost blinding in the deluge.  Having traveled many a mile in rainy weather over our 3+ months on the road, I have noted there tends to be primarily 2 types of rain drivers.  The uber cautious and the uber reckless.

The uber cautious driver drops down to 20+ miles per hour below the speed limit and turns on his flashers (aka emergency lights).  He doesn’t necessarily move out of the fast lane if he was there when the deluge starts.  I can understand that, as having the solid yellow line as a guide is much easier to follow than the broken white lines separating lanes, plus (here in the States) it is always on the driver’s side.  Sometimes, they even pull off to the side of the road with their flashers on.

Allow me to add that you aren’t supposed to turn your emergency lights on unless you actually have an emergency.  As we drove along I-10 yesterday, almost all of the overhead highway notification signs stated that you need to turn on your headlights, not the flashers.

Then, you have the uber reckless.  These are the people who go 20+ mph over the speed limit in a deluge.  If you’re lucky, they might have their headlights on, though, for the most part, they don’t.  They will ride back bumpers and zip through any opening (real or imagined) to get to their destination faster, as though to outrun the weather.  I’m always amazed when I DON’T see them sitting in a ditch up ahead.

This isn’t a jab at Florida drivers.  I have witness this behavior in every state we have driven through with rain.  These drivers are everywhere.

I admit to being somewhere in the middle.  I do prefer to ride out heavy rain, but if I have to be out in it, yes, I prefer the fast lane because of the solid yellow line.  I also prefer to have someone in front of me, who’s tail lights I can see clearly.  A semi is best, but they kick up a lot of spray.  All in all, I just want to get from point A to point B alive.  So, next time you’re whipping down the highway during a downpour, turn on your lights and don’t hotdog it.  Please.



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