Shades of Green Resort

This past weekend, after leaving Dunedin, Mom and I headed over to the Orlando area to stay at Shades of Green Resort, a Armed Forces Recreation Center Resort.  It is only available to members of the Armed Forces and their families (whether they are active or retired).  We’ve been going there for years, even before we moved to Florida, so to my nephew who joined us, it is practically a second home.

Originally, this resort was owned and operated by Disney and was one of the original resorts when Walt Disney World opened in 1973.  It was leased by the military in 1994 with a 100 year lease, then purchased fully in 1996.  Since then, it has gone through many refurbishments and a new section was added between 2002 and 2004.  Sitting across the road from Disney Polynesian Village Resort and Villas, it is just a walk from the Monorail line.

Shades of Green doesn’t follow a Disney theme, like other resorts on WDW property.  Yes, you will find Disney items for sale in the PX, but for the most part, the full Disney effect doesn’t happen until your bus pulls into one of the parks or into Disney Springs, the shopping complex on property.

Our main reason for our visit this time was the splash park.  Along with two pools, Shades of Green has its own splash area for younger kids who aren’t ready for the big pools.  And FYI, it is difficult to get pictures of the splash park without any children in it, so I apologize for the small number of photographs.


It was a beautiful Florida summer day to hang down by the pool.  We had stopped over at Evergreens, a sports bar/pub area with an arcade, for a quick lunch.  The food is delicious and I have been told, so are the adult beverages available. But it was time to splash away!


My nephew had a great time, playing with the many children who ran around, splashing and sliding and delighting in being kids.  Parents and other related adults circled the splash area, keeping an eye on their kids along with all the others running around.

The main pool, with its large water slide, is located on the side of the resort known as the Magnolia building.  This building was the original Disney Inn.


With only 3 stories, it is smaller than the newer building, but its proximity to the pool and Magnolia Spa make it pretty ideal for us when we visit.  The newer building is right next to the parking garage and is taller, so it has its benefits too.

This is a great resort to stay at if you are eligible, due to its great pricing, location and amenities.



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