Into Arkansas

Last year, when Mom and I were on our ‘trial run’ trip around the US, we went to the headwaters of the Mississippi, located in the Itasca State Park in Minnesota.  We walked across the Mighty Mississippi.


Today, such a trek required a bridge and car.  We were driving from Mississippi and Arkansas, on our way to Hot Springs, when we stopped at the Arkansas Welcome Center on Hwy 65-82.


The welcome center has a nice little park, where you can get out and walk around.  The center itself has brochures for every area in the state that might interest you and people with great welcoming personalities.  But that wasn’t what really caught our attention.


It was the Mighty, Muddy Mississippi itself.  The wind was blowing strongly, most likely due to winds on the outer side of Hurricane Harvey, who was several hundred miles south still.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t affecting the river.


The water was high and churned up.

It was a beautiful and awe inspiring sight and just amazing how large it grows in over 1000 miles.  And just the right place to take a break from the road.  It gave us a second wind, allowing us to push on to Hot Springs, where we’re settled in for the night.  Tomorrow, we’re planning on heading to the Hot Spring National Park.


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