National Park Duck Tours

Another fun thing to do in Hot Springs is taking one of the Duck Boat tours.  Through National Park Duck Tours, you get picked up right downtown and driven through town and out to the lakes, receiving a history lesson and a nice trip on the lake at the same time.


Our driver was Captain Mike, a former Navy service member.  He had a great personality and a wide range of knowledge.  Plenty of history was given, even before we switched from land to, lake.


The lake is actually 3 separate lakes.  The one we were on primarily was Lake Hamilton.  Sorry about the spots on the picture above, I got hit by a rouge wave’s spray.


One thing that makes going out with Capt Mike fun is that he takes along bio-degradable, marine life approved duck food.  And the Canadian geese and other ducks in the area now associate the Duck with Mike and his duck food.


They come flying in from near and far when its time for Mike to be on the water.




It wasn’t just Canadian geese, either. Ducks flew to the Duck.


They even tried to follow us when the Duck got back on land.


That was a real highlight of the trip.  Now, one thing should be noted.  The Duck is open air, so if you have a hat, hang on to it.  If you leave your hair out, be ready to need a brush or comb when the trip is over.


The tour ends up at the Wax Museum, about a block and a half away from the original pick up area, and about two blocks from the walk up to the free public parking, but since it is right down Central Avenue, you have plenty of window shopping to do as you walk back.


It is priced at $19 for adults, $14 for kids 3-12 and infants are $5.  It was a lot of fun, very informative and a great way to spend an hour and a half.  I would recommend this to anyone of any age.


One thought on “National Park Duck Tours

  1. I’ve been on the Duck Tours in London and Windsor (I’ve just posted my Windsor photos) both in an iconic yellow amphibian DUCW. Such a cool thing to do, pedestrians wave at you from the pavement and the first time you leave the road to enter the water is kinda scary!


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