Rudy’s Country Store BBQ

This afternoon, we were introduced to Texas BBQ by one of Mom’s childhood friends who lives in San Antonio, Janet Kinnunen.


She picked us up from our hotel and drove us to just outside of San Antonio to the original Rudy’s Country Store BBQ in Leon Springs.


If this is the worst barbecue that Texas has to offer, then the rest must be awesome, because it was delicious.  The parking lot was full in front, so we had to park in the empty lot next door to get in line.  It reminded Mom of the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld, having to be quick with your order.  They gave us samples of the cream corn that had us all drooling.  It was amazing.  You get your sides then your meat and are offered slices of white bread.


Seating can be either inside or outside.  We opted for in the air conditioning.  There are large cartons of salt and pepper and large bottles of their signature barbecue sauces (or sauses, per their advertising).  Your plate is a sheet of wax paper and you get little paper bowls for use for the sides when sharing.  The brisket, turkey and sausage were flavorful and of course, the cream corn so good!

Mom and Ms. Kinnunen told stories of their childhood and caught up on life while I tucked away quite a bit of the food.


It was a fun, delicious time to be had by all, and we’ll definitely be looking to have it again next time we’re in Texas.


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