Old Mesilla Village

Just on the other side of I-10 in Las Cruces lies Old Mesilla Village.  The village was incorporated in 1848, after the US/Mexico border was moved farther south, due to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.  It suffered frequent attacks from the Apache, served as the Confederacy capitol of Arizona during the Civil War  and frequently had visits from Wild West legends like Billy the Kid and Pancho Villa.

Even though it is part of the larger Las Cruces area, it retains its small village heritage.


On every street corner surrounding the central plaza, historical markers dot the walls.




The shopping is wonderful.  You can find everything from woven serapes and ponchos to handcrafted jewelry and everything in between.  And after all that shopping, you’re going to want to stop at one of the many great restaurants in the area.

We opted to have lunch at the Double Eagle Restaurant.  It was suggested by our AirBnB hosts, Todd and Beth.  I’m glad we took their suggestion, because it was delicious.



Situated in a former Spanish governor’s residence, we were seated in the courtyard, next to a bubbling fountain and surrounded by potted palms and ferns.


The colorful chairs and tables, with the sun filtering down in the air-conditioned restaurant, gave it a very cozy feel.  We took several minutes to debate on what we would have.  Mom decided to go with the burrito, in keeping with the Mexican flare, along with their house margarita.


Due to my food allergies, I opted to have a Benedryl with a side of chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes.  Both of our meals were so big, we had to doggy bag it.  I’ll admit, that doesn’t make me unhappy, because everything was delicious.

As we were leaving the restaurant, we stopped to listen to the bells of the parish church of San Albino.


All in all, a wonderful place to visit for some local shopping and dining.  I’d put it on your definite don’t miss list when you’re in Las Cruces.


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