Fort Davis Drugstore Restaurant and Hotel

On our way from San Antonio, TX to Las Cruces, NM, we spent the night in Fort Davis at the Fort Davis Drugstore Restaurant and Hotel.



Off of I-10, you take Highway 17, through numerous twists and turns and up into some mountainous country.


The hotel sits atop of the restaurant, which stays open the latest in town.  Which would be 7:30pm.  You check in up front and then head through a small doorway to some steep, narrow stairs that lead up to the 6 rooms they rent.  A nice young man helped Mom with getting her bag up the stairs.


Each room has a different theme.  Ours was South of the Border, though, thankfully, it was nothing like the roadside attraction on the North Carolina/South Carolina border that shares the same name.  The rooms were decent sized and the beds were comfortable.  Each room has its own bathroom.

Downstairs at the restaurant, you order at the window and then take a seat at one of the booths or at the soda counter and wait for your number.  Or, you can do what we did and wander around looking at everything before sitting down.




They have candy and fudge as well as t-shirts and jewelry.  The old fashioned soda fountain created lots of treats and the food was good too.

If you ever find yourself in Fort Davis, definitely stop here for the night.  Know you’re going to have to climb some steep steps with your luggage and the town shuts down by 7:30pm, but the drive was beautiful and the hotel and staff were nice and friendly.


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