Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Since today has been a housekeeping day (some laundry, grocery shopping, etc), we decided I’d tell you about the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, adjacent to Natural Bridge Caverns, in San Antonio.  We went during a break from watching Hurricane Irma threaten our family and friends in Florida.

At a rate of $22 per adult (12-64), $20 for seniors 65+ and $13.50 for anyone 3-11 years of age, you get one bag of food pellets to share with the free ranging animals, though you could buy more pellets for another $2.50.  It is obvious these animals know exactly what automobiles mean.  Food.  They came right up to the car, some almost sticking their heads in through the windows, but we listened to the girl at the gate who told us to drop it to the ground.  So, unfortunately, no America’s Funniest Video worthy shots were taken.



This guy seemed really surprised to see us.



It isn’t every day you find Buffalo hanging out with Anakole Cattle.



There are different sections of the park, mostly just separated by cattle grates.



The rhinos were kept separate from everyone.


The one on the right had his horn pointed towards the ground.


Not everyone was on their best behavior.


Emus in rear view mirror may be closer than they appear.




Many animals stuck to the shade during our drive through, though I couldn’t blame them.  It was summer in Texas.  Still it was great to be able to see so many different animals that you wouldn’t normally see in Central Texas.


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