Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument


This morning, Mom and I set off to find the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.  Now, I’m going to admit right now that heights and I do not mix.  Especially open air bridge type heights.  Normally, if I’m looking through the camera, it isn’t so bad.  Today, that was not the case.  Sorry.

This bridge sits 565 feet over the Rio Grande river and is the 7th highest in the US and 82nd in the world.  Construction began in 1963 and ended in 1965.  It lies on US Highway 64, heading towards Taos, NM.

There were miles upon miles of open brush on either side.  We could go several minutes without seeing another car.  With the mountains as backdrops, it was beautiful.  Then, as you come over another rise, you see the tear in the Earth’s surface and can barely fathom the size of this gorge.


Approaching from west, we found the Rio Grande del Norte rest area, which is also a state park.


There were barriers up along the side of the road, making it difficult to park to walk out on the bridge, but there was a path to get some good pictures from the sides.


We decided to drive out to Taos, just to give it a quick look over, before heading back to try and get a few pictures from the bridge.

I tried to go as far as I could (probably about 15 feet) out on the bridge to capture the sheer size of the gorge, but the slight shaking of the bridge as automobiles went by gave my acrophobia just too strong of a nudge and these were all I could take before nearly running back to the car.



It really is an impressive piece of engineering and an awesome sight of Nature’s work.  I would recommend seeing this if you are in the Taos region.


One thought on “Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument

  1. This has to be something I try some day! My mom shares your anxiety and she would not be able to do this! My boyfriend and I recently visited New River Gorge and got to walk on the catwalk under the bridge. It was an incredible experience, but yeah, the shaking from the cars was unsettling at first! 🙂


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